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Environmental Stewardship

IPAC Services partners with SAIT and the University of Calgary to complete a working PCB Soil Remediation System!  Working with a professor at the University of Calgary and a Project Lead from SAIT Environmental Technologies Research/Applied Research & Innovation Services,  IPAC succeeds in bringing about the fruition of a “conceptual design” to a fully functional, self-contained field unit.   Using their proprietary process, IPAC assisted in the design and construction of the unit. 

The attached picture shows IPAC’s logo on the trailer, along with other prestigious stakeholder logos.  IPAC was proud to play a major role in this project and contribute to environmental sustainability.

In a thank you email to IPAC Services, Project Lead and Advisor from SAIT, Vita Martez,  gives this commendation:

"RE: PCB  Soil remediation System CONGRATULATIONS

As a follow up to the move of the trailer from your premises and the ensuing final meeting of appreciation with most of you, it is a pleasure to inform you that the decal installation has been completed. 

Please see the attachment in this email.  As promised, the IPAC logo has been included among other prestigious stakeholder logos. This exposure of IPAC services is meant to provide free advertizing/marketing to your company.

Additionally it is our hope that it will open up potential business opportunities for IPAC in the existing and in new and upcoming areas of providing contractual services to steward environmental sustainability.

To this end, and on behalf of our stakeholders and ourselves, we wish each of you and your company continued success and profitability in your business endeavors.  Thank you."



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