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IPAC Services Puts Mind on Task to Reduce Employee Injuries

GRANDE PRAIRIE, AB, September 26, 2018:  IPAC Services Corporation will launch a new initiative on October 23rd, 2018 that is expected to reduce injuries in the workplace, at home and on the road.  This new program will focus on teaching staff members techniques to help them keep their eyes and mind on task.

Transport Canada has reported that a significant percentage of vehicle crashes result from distracted driving—eyes or mind not on task.  Some experts believe that eyes or mind not on task are contributing factors in a majority of all serious workplace injuries.

“We are extremely excited about the SafeStart initiative,” said Ron Ward, the company’s President & CEO.  “This program was selected by our management team because other organizations which have implemented it have typically seen a 30 to 70 percent reduction in injuries.  We felt our employees would embrace the program, and it would help us protect our team members—not only on the job but off the job as well.”

IPAC Services Corporation is a leading provider of construction and maintenance services to the oil and gas and other heavy industrial sectors of western Canada.  Our regional offices in Grande Prairie, AB and Fort St. John, BC, provide a full line of services to our clients.  These services include facility and mechanical construction, pipeline integrity, crew truck maintenance, civil work, module manufacturing, piping and structural fabrication, scaffolding, insulation and abrasive blasting and coating.

IPAC’s continuous improvement program looks for ways to better our performance, benefit our employees and support the communities we work in.  We feel the SafeStart initiative will bridge and prove valuable in all these areas.  We look forward to sharing the strategies we learn with our staff, friends and families alike.

The SafeStart program was created by Larry Wilson, an internationally known thought leader on injury prevention, and is published by Electrolab Training Systems. Check out their website: https://safestart.com/


For more information contact:

IPAC Services Corporation                                       

Phil Linfield, Corporate Loss Prevention Manager                         

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IPAC Partners with Aseniwuche Development Corporation

GRANDE PRAIRIE, AB, August 1, 2018:  IPAC Services Corporation has developed a partnership with Grande Cache-based Aseniwuche Development Corporation (ADC) to seek joint venture opportunities related to energy construction, maintenance and development projects along the Hwy 40 South corridor and the Rocky Mountain foothills.

According to IPAC President and CEO, Ron Ward, “We welcome this partnership because it strengthens our commitment to maintain positive and reciprocal relationships with Indigenous businesses and communities.”

The Aseniwuche Winewak Nation (AWN) was incorporated in 1994 and represents the six Aboriginal communities in the Grande Cache area.  In working towards meeting the Nation’s vision and values, AWN incorporated Aseniwuche Development Corporation in 1998.  Aseniwuche Development Corporation is a well-established and progressive business providing services in Grande Cache and surrounding areas including South to Hinton and Jasper, North to Grande Prairie and East to Fox Creek.  Their assets include shop facilities with state of the art fabrication and manufacturing equipment, maintenance and mechanical bays and a painting booth.

Aseniwuche Development Corporation and IPAC Services share a number of similar service offerings to industry resource sectors including oil and gas, petro-chemical, utilities, pulp and paper, wood products, forestry and mining.  Aseniwuche Development Corporation looks forward to the added support and infrastructure IPAC will provide, which in turn will increase their capabilities to complete larger and more demanding projects for existing and new clients.

Services extended via this agreement will include fabrication, mechanical facility construction, pipeline maintenance and integrity, crew truck maintenance, scaffolding, insulation and abrasive blasting and painting and fleet maintenance. 

IPAC Services’ history and 29 years of experience as a general contractor in Western Canada, along with their business development and estimating services based out of Calgary, will continue to provide the quality services their clients have come to expect.   

For resource developers working within and outside of AWN’s Traditional Lands, ADC workers are a vital asset.  Their cultural and traditional knowledge of the environment, wildlife and history of the land give them an innate understanding of natural systems.  The community is invested in the land and this shows when work is completed with respect for generations past and done to benefit generations to come.

IPAC Services and Aseniwuche Development Corporation look forward to working with their clients on future projects.


For more information contact:

IPAC Services Corporation                                                            Aseniwuche Development Corporation

Ron Ward, President and CEO                                                    Wayne Gienger, Operations Manager

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IPAC Expands Blast & Paint Shop Facilities

Grande Prairie, AB, July 6, 2018:  IPAC Services Corporation opens an additional blasting and coatings shop with 20,000 sq. ft. of space in the McRae Industrial Park of Grande Prairie (#100, 9101 – 150 Ave.) and enhances their list of service offerings to include industrial powder coating.

“We look forward to further accommodating our clients painting needs with the additional shop space and are excited to introduce internal powder coating for spools” says Derrick Mysko, Chief Operating Officer of IPAC. 

“We now have more than 50,000 sq. ft. of combined indoor blasting and coating space in Grande Prairie,” says Chris Rimmer, Abrasive Blasting and Coatings Manager of IPAC. “This is a necessary asset for consistency in quality when dealing with Alberta’s ever changing weather and environmental conditions.” 

This additional location will specialize in internally coating of pipe and spools using conventional painting methods or industrial powder coating, with two new powder coating ovens ready for use this fall 2018. 

Powder coating is a finishing process that yields a thick, hard finish that is tougher than conventional paints.  Benefits of powder coating include a durable, long lasting and even finish, quick turnaround, and reduced environmental impacts.  Powder coating advances are specifically advantageous for the internally coating of spools that carry corrosive liquids and petro-chemicals or that come in contact with salt water solutions. 

With this new addition, business as usual will continue at the south paint shop location, Lot 27 in the County Industrial Park, Grande Prairie.  Its close proximity to our fabrication shop, Lot 28 County Industrial Park, continues to provide production efficiencies.  Steel and pipe moves easily from the fabrication shop to the paint shop and then ready for shipment. As well, IPAC continues to provide abrasive blasting and coating services in the field throughout Western Canada and from our 2,500-square foot shop in Fort St. John BC.

For over 28 years, IPAC Services Corporation has been providing general oilfield contracting, fabrication, construction, maintenance and painting services to the Peace Region.  More recently, IPAC’s service lines have grown to include scaffolding and insulating. 

Our regional offices in Grande Prairie, AB and Fort St. John, BC provide a full line of services to their clients.  The Project Management Office in Calgary, AB houses estimation, business development and major projects.  Whether it is a single spool that requires fabrication and painting, or the construction of an entire greenfield gas plant from civil work, module manufacturing, piping and structural fabrication, field installation, commissioning and everything in between, IPAC has you covered.


For more information contact:

IPAC Services Corporation                                                                                                        

Alana Turcotte, Corporate Business Development                    

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IPAC Services Corporation   

Chris Rimmer, Abrasive Blasting & Coatings Manager                   

Tel: 780-532-7350                                                                       

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Community Engagement

Calgary, AB, March 3, 2018: IPAC is happy to promote team spirit and comradery within the Minor Sports community.  Among other minor hockey sponsorships and engagement, IPAC recently hosted the Simon Valley Peewee 1 Hockey team and coaches for the March 3, 2018 Calgary Hitmen game at the Saddledome.  A shout out to all that were able to come and participate in this fun event!


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