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Derrick Mysko - Executive Vice President

Derrick Mysko has a long and valued history with IPAC Services Corporation.  He was previously the Vice President of Administration for Aron Services (2003) Ltd., before it amalgamated and became the present IPAC Services Corporation.  As such, he was responsible for all administrative, commercial and corporate financial operations of Aron Services (2003) Ltd. Prior to joining Aron, Derrick was employed for 10 years in the banking and investment sectors primarily throughout the province of Saskatchewan. Derrick's experience includes all facets of financial and strategic planning, business administration, and corporate development. He holds a Diploma in Business Administration – Management Major.

With IPAC Services Corporation, Derrick currently holds the position of Executive Vice President.  As a member of the senior executive team, Derrick oversees the Project Management Office which functions as the source and guidelines for construction management best practices throughout the company. His previous roles with IPAC Services as Chief Financial Officer and Co-Chief Operating Officer presented him with further experience in financial controls, asset and project management.  Additionally, it provided Derrick with a diverse operational background.  As Executive Vice President, Derrick is responsible for the overall management of project planning and implementation, standardization of the estimation process, and the development of effective cost and schedule controls within significant projects.

Previously from Saskatchewan, Derrick and his family have made Alberta their home for over 15 years, most recently moving to Calgary. Derrick is a dedicated and hardworking individual that exhibits a constant enthusiasm for life and his work.  His hobbies include watching baseball, being outdoors, and spending time with his family.  As well, he is an avid supporter of the Canadian Cancer Society.



Head Office
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Project Management Office
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